Give Now



Did you know there are many ways to support Rosedale Grove Association financially? Some of these giving techniques are called planned gifts because with thoughtful planning it is possible for you to create solutions that are ‘win-win’, helping accomplish your financial goals and helping Rosedale. We hope you will give this careful consideration.

Examples of ways to give:

  1. Gifts of cash.
  2. Direct bequests from your will or trust.
  3. Naming Rosedale as a beneficiary of pensions or retirement accounts.
  4. Naming Rosedale in a charitable lead or remainder trust.
  5. Setting up a life estate contract with Rosedale.
  6. Gifts of appreciated securities.
  7. Gifts of life insurance policies.
  8. Gifts of real estate.


If you would consider one of these giving opportunities we encourage you to contact a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), a tax professional such as a CPA, or an estate planning attorney to determine what alternatives might best fit your financial needs and desires.